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  • The LS Lighting Solutions GmbH team is the world’s most experienced specialist of electrically powered Escape Route Marking Systems – so-called Low Location Lighting (3L-Systems).

    For more than 24 years, we have been selling, installing and maintaining 3L-systems on meanwhile more than 200 larger cruise vessels, passenger carrying ferries, mega yachts, offshore platforms and military support ships worldwide.

    LS accepts the overall system responsibility! Means, offering assistance from the very beginning of the project (at design and first layout phase) via calculating and offering the required components, supplying the system, installing all components till handing over of the totally functioning system to the yard, classification authority and owner.

    Furthermore, we have taken that experience to develop and provide customers also with decorative and technical lighting. Being innovative, offering highest quality with special functions and satisfying our customers is our main goal.

    And beyond that:

    Being always available in case of any technical question or requiring help by a personal service on board during operation.

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