3L-Deck Layout Drawings

  • The ship’s deck layout drawings enable a quick and clear overview of all kind of installed 3L-components (like PSUs, junction boxes, connecting cables, LED-strip, EXIT-and STAIR-signs), whereby we have to distinguish between a so-called “ONE LINE DRAWING” and the “3L-DECK LAYOUT DRAWINGS”.

    For meanwhile several decades, the 3L-team of LS creates such 3L-deck layout drawings both at project start and modifies and updates them during the building phase till handing over the system to the client and get the final 3L-deck layout approved by the classification authority.

    Years of experience in compiling data and details is your advantages in case of using LS to become responsible for those drawings. A very professional way.

Light Measurement

  • Safety for the Escape route guidance system Minimum illumination levels are recommended for many environments.  This defines the minimum intensity required to safely and accurately perform a range of tasks.

    LS is responsible for the entire process of engineering, installing and measuring through to certification in accordance with ISO 15370.

Sign plan and overview / The necessity of a sign plan

  • A sign plan provides a clear overview of any present and required safety signage according to law and legislation. This allows our clients to be in control of the safety signage on their location. A sign plan opens the opportunity to partake in the design process before the safety signage becomes permanent. This work flow guarantees a uniform appearance and an efficient and practical implementation of all safety signage.

    Years of experience in compiling sign plans allows us to survey and map even the most complex locations and installations with competency and efficiency.

From survey to sign plan

  • Survey on location

    The survey forms the base of mapping the current and desired situation. The surveyed data is translated into a sign plan by skilled draftsmen and stored as AutoCAD drawings. These drawings can later be used to fabricate the evacuation and safety plans.

    A sign plan is developed in accordance with current laws and legislations, describing practical solutions that fit the situation on the location. Our specialists have extensive experience in various sectors and apply ‘best practices’ from the field.

Implementation and maintenance

  • From a sign plan, the full realization of the sign project can be arranged by LS using our Project Service method. After implementation the sign plan serves as a reference and as a basis for future maintenance of all signage. We manufacture sign plans for locations worldwide including offshore installations, ships, factories and industrial sites, sewage and water treatment plants and office buildings.

Realization of a sign plan consists of:

  • Survey on location
  • Provision of architectural drawings
  • present or required signage
  • structural situation
  • Processing of survey data to sign plan drawings
  • Presentation and evaluation of the sign plan LS is able to implement the sign plan:
  • Production of standard and bespoke safety signage