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Low Location Lighting

Low Location Lighting

  • The Low Location Lighting (3L-) System is an electrically powered marking system to guide out passengers and Crew in case of fire and smoke in safe areas in case of an emergency.

    In 2017 the system was completely new designed and newly developed. All components correspond to 100% of the diverse requirements of the applicable regulations and class requirements. The focus at the new development was both in the optimization of for installation as well as for service during the
    operation of the ships.

    The combination of customer wishes in regarding the overall impression of the system in operation as well as the use of the latest LED generation in all components is the basis of the new 2- and 3-wire system.

    The application of the aforementioned changes has taken the LLL system, which is standard on the market and mandatory on passenger vessels, to a new level.

    The LLL system has a strikingly homogeneous and much brighter appearance and can be used as a design element on board a modern ship.

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